Giving back to NorCal Boxer Rescue

As a former Boxer owner who is still in love with the breed, I follow NorCal Boxer Rescue on Facebook and occasionally visit their webpage to look at the Boxers who are up for adoption.  The photos used on their listing are usually photos taken from the foster parent’s cellphones.  They serve the purpose, but I’ve always thought the dog’s would have a better chance of getting applicants with better quality images.  

Recently, NorCal Boxer Rescue put out a post on their Facebook page that they were looking for volunteer photographers.  This was my chance to give back to a breed that I am passionate about!  I applied immediately.  

After a few emails back and forth with Rebecca from the organization, we both decided we were a good fit for each other.  Rebecca gave me a list of foster families to contact to schedule photo shoots.  Off to work I went.

My first volunteer shoot was for Ali.  NCBR received feedback from a few potential adopters that in his photos his eyes “did not speak to them”.  I knew my job was to get the best images that showed his soul through his eyes.

After scheduling the shoot with his foster Mom, I meet Cheri and her home and met Mr. Ali.  He is the most amazing Boxer I have met in a long time.  He is very mellow and has such a sweet personality.  He gave me lots of Boxer kisses, and pressed up against me in the typical Boxer fashion.  I was loving it!  At the end of the session he even sat in my lap!

I’m confident that with his updated photos, Ali will have no trouble finding his forever home, and I’m so honored to be able to support such a wonderful organization and work with some amazing people who are so in love with the breed.

If you or someone you know is interested in adopting Ali, please visit NorCal Boxer Rescue’s website to fill out an application.

NorCal Boxer Rescue

Happy Birthday Harvey! (The story of a dog and family finding each other)

We lost our Boxer Rudy November 2014 to cancer shortly after moving to Sausalito from Philadelphia.  We had him for almost 9 years, having gotten him as a puppy.  It was an unexpected blow to the whole family and especially affected our Boston Terrier George.  George would fruitlessly search the house for Rudy days after he was gone.  After about 2 weeks, my husband Jamie and I decided it was time to adopt another dog to fill the void left by Rudy’s passing.

We decided on another Boston Terrier as we felt it was a better fit for our household and thought George would like it better as well having a friend his own size!  We started searching online using and saw many wonderful Boston Terriers to choose from!  Unfortunately, every time we reached out to inquire about  a dog, they were already adopted leaving us on the verge of giving up.

On December 11th, we were experiencing a huge wind and rain storm that was hitting the bay area.  I was again looking on and ran across a dog named “Sox”.  He was listed at the San Bruno pet shelter, so we called.  Sox was a 13 week old Boston Terrier that was picked up as a stray and needed a home.  Jamie and I told them we would drive down the next day to meet him, but they told us it was first come first serve and he may not be available by the time we decided to arrive.  We thanked them for the information and ended the call.

It really only took us about 5 minutes to change our mind on driving down the next day.  Surely no one was going to be out driving on a night like this and we would have a better chance at getting him, if we drove down right now!  So we loaded up George and made our way through some of the worst weather I’ve driven through.  

Once we arrived, we were told that he was still available and was in surgery being neutered.  While we waited the phone rang and it was someone else asking about Sox.  OMG it was a good thing we went when we did!  We waited for the procedure to be over and they finally brought Sox out.   He was adorable and he was going home with us!  There was no question about it and we started signing paperwork.  We picked out the name Harvey on the way to pick him up and it did seem to suit him after we saw him, so Harvey it was!

I immediately signed us up for Family Dog classes at the Marin Humane society which have really helped develop structure and control for Harvey.  I have worked with other behavior and obedience instructors in the past and I know the world of difference it can make in raising a well behaved dog.

Here we are 7 months later and Harvey is having his first birthday!  It’s been a lot of work but totally worth it, because we have a healthy, happy, and well behaved little boy!

Happy Birthday Harvey! xoxo

I encourage anyone with a new or old pet that needs training (the owners are actually the ones getting trained!) to contact the Marin Humane Society at for a listing of all classes provided.  The instructors there are extremely knowledgeable and friendly which makes for an amazing experience.

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